Year 2015

Daniel Constantin

We welcome the positive impact generated by the beer industry on the agricultural sector

Daniel Constantin – Minister of Agriculture and Rural development

Beer is a noble product, brewed from natural ingredients and a source of joy to millions of Romanian consumers.
the natural ingredients used to make beer, cereals and hops, are sourced more and more from the domestic production. thus, by integrating cereals cultivated in Romania in the beer production, the beer industry acts as an incentive in building the Romanian agriculture.
Year 2013 was the peak in terms of making use of the local agricultural products to produce beer, as 73% of the raw materials used in the Romanian breweries were sourced from domestic production. Another effect was the creation of over 2.300 new jobs in the agricultural sector, as the number of employees increased from 14,943 in 2012, to 17,280 in 2013, according to the study the contribution of the beer sector to the Romanian economy, conducted by Regioplan.
Given this situation, we would like to welcome the positive impact of the beer industry on the agricultural sector. We would also like to salute the presence of the representatives of raw materials producers within the Brewers of Romania Association, as well as the beer companies’ concern to use raw materials of domestic origin to a greater extent.


Viorel Stefan

the beer industry, a key factor in economic growth

Viorel Ștefan – President of the Budget, Finance and Banking Committee of the Chamber of deputies

The beer industry is an economic sector reflecting professionalism, and a key driver of economic growth by generating added value, creating jobs and providing a positive example of fiscal conduct.
The beer sector is not only a significant contributor to the state budget, but also an incentive for local agricultural production. Its activity has multiple positive effects spreading over other related areas as well, such as transport, utilities, equipment industry, media and advertising industry, packaging business and hospitability sector.
With investments amounting to 1.25 billion Euro, by creating synergies with other areas, and registering zero tax evasion in the production area, the beer sector has gained the full attention of the Budget, Finance and Banking Committee within the Chamber of deputies.
In this context, I would like to congratulate the Brewers of Romania Association for building a positive relation with the Budget Committee, which was constantly focused on a constructive approach in achieving a common goal.
As president of this committee, I can assure you that we are at your disposal as a partner of dialogue, as well as support to further develop the beer sector in Romania.


Nini Sapunaru

The beer sector is one of the oldest drivers of agricultural and economic development in Romania

Nini Săpunaru – President of the Committee of agriculture, forestry, food industry and related services within the Chamber of deputies

Within the past several years, agriculture has become an authentic driver of economic growth in Romania, being among the main areas generating economic growth in our country.
the beer sector is a driver of agricultural and economic development in Romania, using locally produced raw materials and generating a number of 70.000 jobs in agriculture, industry and other related activities. Despite the beer culture takes significantly distinct forms, as a large number of beer types and consumption habits exist throughout the world, beer plays a critical role in each EU member state and is an integrated part of their culture, heritage and nutrition.
the developments over the past years underline the consolidation of the synergy created between the beer industry and the Romanian agriculture based on the significant volumes of domestic raw materials supplied, to the detriment of imports, which generated increased revenues for Romanian farmers. The 18 breweries operating on the Romanian market ensure a national production level that may be compared to the level of Western countries with tradition in the area, such as Belgium or Czech Republic, thus revealing the size of this industry. In this context, the beer industry will benefit from the constant support of the Committee of agriculture, forestry, food industry and related services of the Chamber of deputies, so as to identify together solutions to the interest of consumers, companies and Romanian state.
The capacity and research potential should be stimulated as brewers have a significant role as industrial partners in various areas related to beer and food producing technology, health or ecological achievements.
We will also encourage at local and regional level the further development of our partnership with the beer industry and nGos so as to promote responsible consumption and reduce prejudice caused by alcohol abuse, as well as to consolidate our cooperation with a view to promote responsibility and prevent irresponsible attitude when it comes to commercial communication and sale.


Viorica Dancila

The beer production, a sector described by a high level of professionalism

Viorica Dăncilă – Member of the european parliament, Vice president of the Committee of Agriculture and Rural development within the european parliament

The beer production, a sector described by a high level of professionalism, represents a significant driver for economic growth in Romania.
The beer sector generates directly and indirectly over 2.000.000 jobs at European level, and 4.5% of them are in Romania. these numbers highlight the value of this sector, and a more careful analysis on the beer industry in Romania reveals a real success story.
The beer sector in Romania is a leading employer among other European countries producing beer, ranking fifth in the number of jobs generated by the brewing industry. The 5,700 jobs directly created within the local breweries consolidated the position of the beer industry in Romania as top employer exceeding the local beer industries in many other european states, including Belgium, Italy, Austria or Ireland.
Registering a production which ensures 97% of domestic consumption, the beer sector is one of the many industrial areas in Romania resorting to imports only to a small extent. this helped Romania win the eighth place in europe, with a production amounting to approximately 16 million hl, a match for the production registered by states with old tradition in this area such as Belgium or Czech Republic.
All these features convinced us to support the beer sector, characterized by a high level of professionalism, representing a significant driver for economic growth in Romania.


Year 2014

Daniel Chitoiu

The beer industry represents a real partner for the Ministry

Daniel Chiţoiu – Minister of Public Finance

The activity of the Ministry of Public Finances cannot be performed successfully without the support of the economic environment.
Specifically, I mean the fulfillment of their fiscal obligations and a behavior permanently oriented towards fighting tax evasion.
To this purpose, I consider that the beer industry represents a real partner for the Ministry, succeeding in asserting itself through a special fiscal conduit. First of all, the beer sector is an area of Romania’s economy in which the actors involved have a high level of voluntary conformity, being actively involved in fighting the tax evasion phenomenon. In regards to the sector’s contributions to the state budget, only at the level of 2012 the collections represented 61% of the total excise taxes applied at the level of the alcoholic beverages markets. If we take the comparison further, the value of the excise taxes collected on beer represent 3.3% of the total excise taxes and approximately 0.7% of the fiscal income collected in Romania. In absolute value, the income from excise taxes on beer surpassed, only at the level of 2012, 600 million lei.
I’m glad to have the opportunity to point out a few things as I have the conviction that we need as many such examples in order to succeed in eliminating the gray areas from Romania’s economy.


Daniel Constantin

The beer industry is the model student of the Romanian economy

Daniel Constantin – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

The level of performance of the Romanian agriculture is also given also by the added value acquired by the agricultural raw materials as a result of their processing. From this viewpoint, I can say that the beer industry is the model student of the Romanian economy, being oriented towards the attraction of local agricultural resources, barley and hop, in the beer manufacturing process.
Romania’s agriculture is without a doubt a sector with real potential growth, but it is important to identify the sector interdependencies which can have a multiplication effect. The beer production sector already produces such effects having a proven multiplication role both at the level of the entire economy of our country, as well as strictly at the level of the agricultural sector. I believe it is sufficient only to mention the fact that for each job created in the beer industry are generated three others in agriculture.