Bitter, foamy, cold, blonde or dark, beer is a beverage that long passed all barriers through its gift of bringing people together. It seems the first type of beer came from a wet piece of bread that started to ferment, hence the fermenting process, about 6000 years ago.

MAGICAL INGREDIENTS – one incredible result

Cereals – malted and unmalted, hops, water and dregs are the ingredients that, combined, transform into a very popular beverage – beer. The variety of the cereals that can be used to brew beer, from barley, corn, wheat and even rice in Asia, has determined the brewers to try various combinations


Manufacturing process As we saw in the History of beer chapter , the making of this natural beverage is based, since the time of the ancients, on a simple principle: natural fermentation of sugars and malted grain extraction with hot water. Nowadays, the whole process is complex, developed under the strict control of quality standards.


Beer is a combination of 100% natural ingredients: water, malt, hop and beer yeast and can be found under various forms: from classic beer to porter. Beer can be found in a various color range, from pale yellow to black, taking all the intermediate nuances. Beer can be divided into two large categories: “ale” and


Botton – Fermented Beers or Lager
Broadly speaking, beers can be divided into two groups according to the temperature of fermentation of their musts: low or high fermentation. Within each group there are many varieties, depending on their place of origin or processing methods applied.


The world of gastronomy contains countless nuances, perceptions, aromas and flavors, so that´s why it is very difficult to talk about the perfect pairing between just two elements. However, beyond intuition and personal taste, we find that perfect combinations permit to enhance the pleasure of eating and drinking. In these cases, choosing the suitable beer plays a very important role.