Beer and Gastronomy: Perfect Pairing with Beer

The world of gastronomy contains countless nuances, perceptions, aromas and flavors, so that´s why it is very difficult to talk about the perfect pairing between just two elements. However, beyond intuition and personal taste, we find that perfect combinations permit to enhance the pleasure of eating and drinking. In these cases, choosing the suitable beer plays a very important role.

Would you want to know what they are?

Acids and Bitter

Beer contrasts vinegar acidity and resists aggression that produces this ingredient
It goes so well with the marinades, salads and seafood. Dishes with tomato and vegetables also have bitter tastes that offer excellent pairings with this drink.

Hot and Spicy

The beer eases the sensation produced by very spicy flavors in the palate as pepper, garlic or even chilli, pepper or spicy dishes.


Oriental cuisine finds in beer the perfect contrast to their soy sauces or spicy burgers topped with wasabi and ketchup. Beer pairings with mustard work better than any other drink. Unctuous
Beer is also a good choice to accompany the dishes of creamy texture such as cheese or egg because it ‘Clears the palate’.


Beer is also a good choice to accompany the dishes with creamy texture such as cheese or egg because it ‘Clears the palate’.


When choosing a beer to accompany a meat dish you must take on account the spices and the sauce. A darker beer with a strong body will be chosen among others in cases where the seasoning is strong.


Oily fish, from smoked to marinated or pickled up preparations canned or salted, are those which better marry with this drink. The beers with marked bitterness are a good combination for smoky and salted fish. Marinated fishes should be accompanied with lighter beers.


Desserts with intense chocolate flavor match perfectly with dark beer as well as with licorice and nuts. Dishes with chocolate as an ingredient in their sauces find in beer the best partner
From dishes that use traditional ingredients of our cuisine to exotic recipes, there is a wide range of varieties that find in beer the perfect companion to seduce the palate.

Some Perfect Combinations

Medium Bodied Beers

  • Loin steak and grilled red meat
  • Asparagus with scrambled eggs and eggplant

Soft and Lighter Beers

  • Japanese vegetable tempura
  • Bread toast with olive oil

Intensely Flavored Beers

  • Salad of raw artichokes and parmesan cheese

Strong Bodied Beers

  • Nordic style marinated herring
  • Smoked salmon with mustard sauce

Beer Tips

  • The flavors of the drink should never overwhelm the food, and vice versa.
  • There should be a balance between aromas and flavors
  • Make contrasts, but keep in mind that there should be no winner