Botton – Fermented Beers or Lager
Broadly speaking, beers can be divided into two groups according to the temperature of fermentation of their musts: low or high fermentation. Within each group there are many varieties, depending on their place of origin or processing methods applied.

Pilsner Lager

One of the most popular in our country along with the special types. Graduation around 4 % alcohol.

  • Color: Are blondes with bright reflections from the pale malt.
  • Aroma: They have a slight aroma with soft, fresh hops notes. Body and foam are lighter than others of this type.
  • Taste: Refreshing and soft malty with hints of bitter hops flavor.
  • Recommended temperature to serve: 5 º C.

The bottom-fermented beers or lager are obtained from yeasts acting in the first fermentation (in a period of 7 to 10 days) at temperatures between 5 and 13 º C, that afterwards are left in the bottom tank. Then, a second ripening or fermentation (0-2 ° C) is produced. This family owns a wide range of varieties, from the most common lighter or golden blonde, toast or even black.

Special Lager

  • Graduation at around 5 %.
  • Color: golden blonde color with amber highlights. Its creaminess is marked on the walls of the cup.
  • Aroma: Aromas are marked by the malt and hops with slightly toasted notes.
  • Taste: Nice malt flavor with lightly toasted and balance of bitter hops.
  • Recommended temperature to serve: 5 ° C.

Although the range is very wide, the most common are:

Extra Lager

  • Their content varies between 6 and 7 % alcohol
  • Color: They are old gold color with coppery highlights, because of the roasted cereal.
  • Aroma: Intense aromas marked by light malty with hints of licorice , hops and milk . Marked, creamy and unctuous foam.
  • Taste: Very tasty, full-bodied and personality, determined by the roasted malt and hops very present; mouth end of long and intense and pleasant bitter .
  • Recommended temperature to serve: 5 º C.

High fermentation or Ales, also known as hot fermented beers, are obtained from a fermentation process at high temperatures, between 14 to 25 ° C from 3 to 6 days. These beers tend to have more complex flavors, fruity aromas and they are generally more creamy.

The list of top-fermented beers is also very large. The most common are:

Bock and Black

  • Graduation is around 5%.
  • Color: Dark beer with brown tones and bright highlights.
  • Aroma: It’s strong and with personality, scent possesses a good balance between malt and hops.
  • Taste: The aroma balance is also reflected in its flavor, punctuated by fruity notes, the intensity and the final long mouth. The body is dense with a creamy foam .
  • Recommended temperature to serve: 5-8 ° C.

High Fermentation or Ales


  • Graduation from 5 to 6% alcohol
  • Color: a wide range, from light blond (pale ) to copper and red.
  • Aroma: They have very pronounced aromas of yeast and fermented fruit.
  • Taste: bodied, creamy and unctuous foam, its flavor is usually balanced and fruity, which highlights the red apple.
  • Recommended temperature to serve: 6 º C.


  • Graduation 6.5 % alcohol by volume.
  • Color: The color is slightly bronze, creamy and very persistent.
  • Aroma: Aromas reminiscent of candy and fruits, like banana or apple.
  • Taste: Fruity flavor, apple and caramel hints, the final taste is long, tasty and dry.
  • Recommended temperature to serve: 6 º C.

Black stout

  • Color: The Intense malty process of this beer determines its characteristic black color.
  • Aroma: Another feature of this type of beer is the coffee aroma and the reminiscent to licorice sum up to the hops aroma.
  • Taste: Its creamy foam is very robust as its powerful flavor which has hints of coffee, licorice and milk.
  • Recommended temperature to serve: 8 to 10 º C.

Wheat beer

  • Graduation from 6 % alcohol
  • Color: Blonde appearance, hazy on many occasions since it is left unfiltered. Straw tone coloring and rich lather
  • Aroma: Intense aromas of cereals, especially wheat and oats
  • Taste: Fruity flavor, feeling of freshness and hints of sweet spices with a long aftertaste.
  • Recommended temperature to serve: 6 º C.

Other Varieties

The non-alcoholic beer is a low fermentation beer and can be obtained by two different methods: either by stop fermentation or by removing the alcohol through a physic process. It has an aroma of fresh grains (raw) and foam is lightweight. They have a golden color, with a nice malt flavor and a slight sweet touch. The recommended temperature to serve is 5 ° C.

Spontaneous fermentation beers are made with wild yeasts. Its aromas are fruity, reminiscent of “oloroso sherry” because of the aging in wood. They have little gas and low foaming.