Bucharest, 16th of April 2013: The beer market volume reached 18.2 million HL in 2012, with 7% more than in the previous year. Regarding the volume of sales registred by the members of the Brewers of Romania Association, it reached 16.6 million HL, 6,5 % more tha in the prior year.

“Although last year has been recorded an upward trend for the beer consumption, we are reserved about the evolution in 2013. The factors that influenced growth in 2012 were incidental, so that is why we consider that it is premature to talk about a long-term positive trend. In 2012, Romanians didn’t have more money in their pocket than in previous years, to encourage them to increase consumption. However, the long summer with high temperature and important sporting events – Euro 2012 and the Olympic Games, have created a favorable context for the beer consumption. As we know, 2013 has started with an increased tax burden on beer market, when the excise was raised. The impact of increasing the beer excise is still difficult to estimate so we are rather cautios in anticipating the consumption level for the current year. Especially when the puchasing power of the Romanians is still fragile.” said Mr. Andrew Highcock, President of the Brewers of Romania Association.

About 98% of the beer consumed by Romanians is produced locally. So the beer sector generates added value for the Romanian economy through the important number of jobs directly created and at the level of all the connecting branches, the high level of investments and the important contributions to the state budget.

“We can say that the beer sector is a real partner of the Romanian authorities in sustaining economic growth. It is a statement that is based on real facts: from the 0 level of the tax evasion in the beer industry to the 76,000 jobs generated directly and indirectly in the Romanian economy. Like any partnership, however, we believe that it must be supported on both sides. Therefore, we are confident that the solution to increase Romania’s budget revenues coming from the beer market is not represented by the increase of the excise level, but establishing policies that stimulate sector’s development and its connecting branches, as agriculture and turism, and applying measures to reduce tax evasion on the alcoholic beverages market.”, stated Constantin Bratu , General manager, Brewers of Romania Association.

The members of the Association permanently oriented towards maintaining the high production standards, therefore the investments in production facilities have increased every year even during periods of severe market contraction. Thus, in 2012 an increase was registered, for the second year, of 10 million Euros in the amount invested, thus reaching 71 million Euros. The contributions of the members of the Association reached in 2012 the 283 million euro threshold, increasing with 11 million euro compared to previous year. Those contributions are important incomes for the state budget, represented by different taxes (VAT, excise, personnel taxes, various taxes and contributions to the social security). In 2012, the beer excise represented 60% of the total excises collected on the alcoholic beverages market.

In regards of the consumption level per capita, taking as a reference the most recent data regarding the Romanian population census data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS), in 2012 the beer consumption per capita reached the value of 90 liters.

The consumers’ choice regarding the beer packaging type has had only small fluctuations compared to the values registered in 2011, these registering for PET – 52.5% (+1.2% compared to previous year), bottle – 28.2% (-2% compared to previous year), can – 15.8% (+1% compared to previous year) and draught beer – 3.5% (-0.2% compared to previous year).

The exports reached an historical level in 2012 of 0,23 million HL, 1,3% of the total local beer production. The imports reached 0,43 million HL, 2% of the volum of beer consumption.

The 6 member companies of the Association ensure over 4.250 work places within the twelve beer factories, from which two mini – breweries. The production lines of the Association’s members are present in cities such as Ploiesti, Constanta, Craiova, Miercurea Ciuc, Targu-Mures, Sebes, Pantelimon, Timisoara, Buzau, Brasov, and the two mini-breweries are present in Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara.

The companies producing the raw materials members of the Association, THE HOP PRODUCERS and SOUFFLET MALT ROMANIA, contribute to the promotion efforts of the beer culture in Romania.
The two raw materials manufacturers operate in nine factories and farms, thus ensuring over 100 work places and contributing to the state budget with over 8 million Euros.

About Brewers of Romania Association
Subsequent to its founding in 2004, the Brewers of Romania Association succeeded, in almost ten years of existence, to impose itself both locally and internationally, as a common voice of its members, thus succeeding in transmitting to the business environment, the consumers and state institutions, the values that governs them. Understanding the role of a sector organization within the economic and social context, the Brewers of Romania Association assumed upon establishment the mission to promote and develop a beer culture in Romania, a healthy business environment within its sector of activity, as well as a responsible beer industry. Result of a correct vision on the true meaning of the beer industry, the Brewers of Romania Association succeeded over time to bring among its members not only producing companies, but opened its doors wide for the most important suppliers at national level for raw materials specific to the production of beer, hop and malt.

Therefore, among its current members are five of the largest beer producers active on the market in Romania: BERGENBIER, HEINEKEN ROMANIA, ROMAQUA GROUP, URSUS BREWERIES ŞI UNITED ROMANIAN BREWERIES BEREPROD, to which was added the mini – brewery CLINICA DE BERE. Together, the six producers supply over 90% of the quantity of beer consumed in Romania. In order to most faithfully reflect the beer production chain, raw material producers are also part of the Association, THE HOP PRODUCERS and SOUFFLET MALT ROMANIA.

As a consequence of its mission in agreement with that of the countries within the space of the European Union, starting with January 2008, the Association became a member of the Brewers of Europe, organization considered the representative of the beer industry to the various institutions and international organizations. Established in 1958, the organization has nowadays 27 members and represents the interests of approximately 4,000 producers in the beer industry in Europe. Furthermore, the Brewers of Europe represent and defend the interests of over 2 million people who owe their jobs to the production and sale of beer.