Bucharest, April 5th, 2016: The Brewers of Romania Association announces the beer market evolution in 2015:

  • The volume of the beer market reached 15.8 million hl in 2015, up by 6.5% as compared to the volume registered in the previous year
  • The level of consumption per capita increased to 80 l in 2015, from 74 l

“The favorable context created across the entire country last year, through a positive evolution of Romania’s economic indicators, indisputably left a footprint on the daily life of Romanians, as well as on their consumption decisions. Thus, more Romanians chose to savor a beer while spending great moments together with their dear ones. After a first semester of 2015 indicating positive market developments, the results registered at the end of the year confirmed our expectations”, declared Igor Tikhonov, President of the Brewers of Romania.

Beer production remains one of the key factors in driving economic growth in Romania, particularly due to its national character: more than 97% of the beer consumed in Romania is locally produced, while 70% of the agricultural raw materials used to produce beer are sourced from Romania. As an immediate outcome of this fact, the beer sector generates directly and indirectly over 84.900 jobs country-wide.

“The previous year brought the solid foundation for the beer market. We hope the beer sector will continue delivering sustained contribution to Romanian economy. Beer should remain a key element, both in generating economic growth, as well as in complementing the pleasant moments we spend with the dear ones.” added Constantin Bratu, General Manager Brewers of Romania.

Market beer in 2015

  • Investments: the efforts to invest made by the members of the Association were relatively constant throughout time, amounting to 55.5 million Euro in 2015. The cumulated investments achieved by the members of the Association reached a total of 1.35 billion Euro up to date.
  • Imports: In 2015, imports dropped by 0.1 million Hl to 0.35 million Hl as compared to 2014, being maintained at less than 3% of the market.
  • Exports: as for exports, this sector registered a slight increase of 0.2 million Hl year-to-year, reaching 0.5 million Hl.
  • Number of employees: the number of employees registered within beer companies, members of the Association was maintained at an approximately constant level compared to the previous year, reaching a total of approximately 3.700 in 2015.

About Brewers of Romania Association
With a history over one decade, the Brewers of Romania Association is a genuine symbol of the beer industry in our country. In its twelve years of existence, the Brewers of Romania Association succeeded to impose itself locally and internationally as a common voice of its members, managing to disseminate its values to the business environment, the consumers and the state institutions.

Its current membership includes six major brewers in Romania: BERGENBIER SA, HEINEKEN Romania, UNITED ROMANIAN BREWERIES BEREPROD, URSUS BREWERIES and MARTENS, as well as the micro-brewery CLINICA DE BERE. Together, the six brewers account for more than 80% of the amount of beer consumed in Romania. The Association also includes representatives of raw material producers: SOUFFLET MALT ROMANIA and the ASSOCIATION OF HOPS PRODUCERS.

The six beer producers member of the Association provide jobs to around 3,700 people in twelve breweries, out of which two micro-breweries. The Association’s brewing facilities are located in Ploieşti, Constanța, Craiova, Miercurea Ciuc, Târgu-Mureş, Pantelimon, Timişoara, Buzău, Braşov and Galati, while the two micro-breweries are located in Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara.

In 2008, the Brewers of Romania joined the larger family of European brewers, represented by the Brewers of Europe, established in 1958 in Brussels. The current members are the national brewers’ associations from the EU member states, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. The organization represents the interests of more than 6,500 brewers in Europe in their relation with the various international institutions and organizations. The Brewers of Europe also defend the interests of over 2.3 million people employed in brewing and beer selling.