Enjoy responsibly

“He was a wise man who invented beer” – Plato

What does it actually mean to enjoy beer with moderation?

There is a whole host of definitions of moderate or responsible beer consumption. Perhaps the simplest way to define it is to say that moderate consumption does not have bad effects on either the drinker or the others. However, all definitions are lax enough, there are no strict rules and there will always be exceptions to prove the opposite.

Why drink beer responsibly?

Though drinking beer is a socialisation experience and part of tradition for most people and cultures worldwide, excessive beer consumption may bring about a swarm of negative consequences ranging from inappropriate social behavior to chronic health conditions.

Benefits of responsible beer consumption

When it is drunk together with friends and family, beer can help us feel better, relax, laugh and make merry, to get to meet new people. Briefly, to socialize. Moreover, when drink responsibly, beer can bring real benefits to our state of health, by reducing the risk of asthma, to give just one example.

Risks attached to alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse has a sedative effect on the central nervous system, likely to result in slow reflex reactions, impaired movements and vision distortions

Alcoholic drinks and family life

Studies have shown that children and teenagers adopt and reproduce alcohol consumption patterns they are exposed to in their families or in their circles of friends. That is just another reason for parents to drink alcohol with moderation as part of their familial behavior, which is also an educational landmark for children and teenagers.

Beer and social life

We all enjoy going out for a beer together. Our favourite drink obviously marks many of the important events in our lives. Drinking is linked to socialising. A glass helps us unwind, break the ice and meet new people. As long as we are aware of where to stop, beer helps us socialise and feel good.

Drinking and driving

The alcohol in blood test measures the concentration of alcohol in one’s blood stream as it results from alcohol consumption and it is quantified as grams per litre of blood. The test can be applied to a sample of air that is breathed out, blood or urine. In Romania, the permitted level of alcohol in […]

Pass the wheel when you drink

When you go out and have a drink, you’d better not drive on the way back home. Let a friend who drank nothing drive your car or resort to other means of transport to get home safely: a taxi, a bus, or anything else. As early as 2008, the “Brewers of Romania” Association in partnership […]

People who should avoid drinking alcohol

– Children and teenagers; 
- Pregnant women or women who plan to get pregnant; – Those who will drive, operate machinery or perform tasks requiring good attention, ability or coordination; – Those under any medical treatment where alcohol is restricted, either with prescription or OTC. 
- Those who not able to drink with moderation – […]