Beer consumption in Romania registered after the first six month of 2011 remained at the same level reached on the first semester of the last year, 8 million hectoliters.

The volume of sales registered on the first half of the current year by the members of “Brewers of Romania” Association – Bergenbier Heineken Romania, Romaqua Group, United Romanian Breweries and Ursus Breweries – also maintained the level reached in the same period of 2010, 7.4 million hectoliters.

“Keeping the beer consumption in the first semester of 2011 at the level registered in the same period of last year is the result of a number of factors which managed to stabilize the decline of the market. After careful consideration of the factors that contributed to those results, I would mention the strategies of the beer producers adjusted to the new consumer behaviour and changed consumption ocassions, a constant communication and last but not least, once the financial crisis has weakened, a comeback of the purchasing and consumption habits of Romanians”, said Mr. Hezy Ovadia, President of “Brewers of Romania”.

Currently, 99% of the beer consumption in Romania is provided from domestic production, brewing industry generating a total number of 96,400 jobs, both in production and in adjacent sectors such as retail, hospitality industry, suppliers and distributors.

“An estimation of the market evolution by the end of this year is difficult to make, given the prior unpredictable market developments, but I am confident that all premises have been created in order to ensure a superior evolution of the results of the beer market in comparison with the last two years”, added Mr. Constantin Bratu, General Manager of “Brewers of Romania” Association.

About the Romanian beer market

The unstable economic environment in 2010 resulted in a decrease of the beer market by 3.5% over the previous year, reaching a total volume of 17 million hectoliters. In the last two years the beer market decreased by 16% compared to 2008, the year when the beer sales volume reached a maximum quota of 20.2 million hectoliters.

Beer consumption per capita in 2010 recorded a value of 78 liters, continuing the descending trend started in 2009 and proving the fact that the economic situation has affected consumers and their consumption habits.

In 2010, consumer’s preferences in terms of packaging were kept constant: PET held a percentage of 49.3%, bottle 31.7%, can 16% and the beer on draught 3%.

About “Brewers of Romania” Association

„Brewers of Romania” Association was established in 2004. The current members are five of the largest beer producers in Romania: Bergenbier, Heineken Romania, Romaqua Group, United Romanian Breweries and Ursus Breweries and, starting 2011, the most important producers of hops and malt: Association of the Hops Producers of Romania and Soufflet Malt Romania, have joined the Association.

The five beer producers members of the “Brewers of Romania” Association reached a total volume of 15.3 million hectoliters in 2010. In the 10 beer factories located in several cities all over the country, the Association’s members offer a total of over 4,100 jobs.

The beer producers members of “Brewers of Romania” Association despite the difficult situation, have invested 51 million Euros in 2010 and the contribution to the state budget through various taxes (excise, VAT, personal taxes and social insurance contributions) has reached 270 million Euros, up by 7 million Euros compared with 2009.

Since January 2008, the organization is a member of the “Brewers of Europe” Association, considered the voice of the European beer industry in front of various international institutions and organizations. Founded in 1958, in Brussels, the organization has today 27 members and represents the interests of approximately 4,000 producers of the beer industry in Europe. Moreover, the Brewers of Europe Association represents and defends the interests of over 2.5 million people who owe their jobs to production and beer selling.