Studies have shown that children and teenagers adopt and reproduce alcohol consumption patterns they are exposed to in their families or in their circles of friends. That is just another reason for parents to drink alcohol with moderation as part of their familial behavior, which is also an educational landmark for children and teenagers.

Even when parents drink responsibly, it is important for them to approach the topic of alcohol abuse and alcohol-related risks when they discuss with their children. A child must grasp, outside the influence of the circle of friends, what the risks as well as benefits of alcohol consumption are in fact.

Alcohol addicted parents have a lower sense of responsibility, they drastically limit the financial means they make available to their children, which can lead to child neglect or even to child abandonment in a more severe stage.

It has been scientifically proven that new-born babies breast fed by alcoholic mothers show a higher risk of delinquency and violent behavior when they grow up. Besides the other health risks a foetus is exposed to, such consequences must restrict alcohol from consumption by pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.