Beer, Romanians’ favorite drink with their meals

Widely recognized for its capacity to perfectly complement the taste of food, beer is the Romanians’ favorite drink with their meals. This is the conclusion of a research carried out by the market research company Gfk Romania at the request of the Brewers of Romania Association.


The current European context assigns an active role in generating growth to the brewing sector and creating more than 2 million jobs. In Romania, the beer sector generates directly and indirectly, 69,700 jobs.


Annually, the Brewers of Romania publishes a careful analysis of the evolution of the beer market and the role brewing sector has for the Romanian economy

The Art of Brewing

The story of brewing told by those who contribute daily to transforming natural ingredients in a drink so loved by Romanians

Beer and Agriculture

Beer is important for Romanian agriculture. Over 70% of the raw materials needed to produce beer – cereals and hops -, are from Romania

Designated driver

Enjoy beer when you spend a night out with friends but don’t drive home after. Ask a friend who did not drink to drive you home.

Semnează petiția. Salvează berea!