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The decline with 9% of the beer market in the first half of this year was followed by 60 million RON losses for the Romanian state budget

The beer market volume amounted to only 7.3 million hl in the first half of this year, down by around 9% year-on-year. As a result of the consumption contraction, estimates show that the Romanian budget lost 60 million Ron only in the first half of 2014, corresponding to the uncollected excise duty and VAT relating to the lost volumes.

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Romanians’ most loved beverage filled fewer glasses in 2013

Romanian Brewers Association presents the 2013 overview of the local beer market: Beer market volume declined by 10% compared to 2012, reaching 16.3 million hectoliters Per capital beer consumption reached 81 liters in 2013

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The Brewers of Romania Association has a new President

The Brewers of Romania Association appoints Onno Rombouts, Managing Director of HEINEKEN Romania, as its new president, effective this month. Onno Rombouts succeeds Andrew Highcock, the former President of Ursus Breweries, who has served as President of the Association during 2013.

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Brewers of Romania, concerned of the new tax burdens announced by the Government

Brewers of Romania Association wants to express its opinion following the recent fiscal measures announced by the Ministry of Finance for 2014, related to the agreement with the international financial institutions.

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Brewers of Romania support the key role of self-regulation in the development of a responsible sector

Brewers of Romania Association, together with the National Audiovisual Council (CNA) and the Romanian Advertising Council (RAC) organized today the seminar entitled “Self-regulation of the brewing sector in Romania”. The event aimed at promoting self-regulation in the commercial communication field at sector level in Romania, an important means to increase the standards for a responsible advertising environment.

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We believe that beer has a fantastic story to tell, and a rich Romanian tradition of hundreds of years. This is why the "Brewers of Romania" Association wishes to offer the consumer the experience of a joyful journey in discovering the culture of beer, in all its myriads of aspects.

The "Brewers of Romania" Association is an industry leader in Romanian and a trustworthy partner of the national authorities, educating the public and promoting responsible beer consumption. All the member companies of the "Brewers of Romania" Association sustain and develop a business framework that promotes fair-play and ethics.

The "Brewers of Romania" Association stands for 90% of the local beer industry, and gathers the top 5 biggest beer producers of the country, welcoming also the adhesion of any new members. Founded in 2004, the Association is an active member of the European Brewers Association starting with January 1st, 2008.

Together with our partners from Brewers of Europe, we look forward to further celebrating beer as Europe’s convivial drink.