Brewing market, moderate increase also in 2018

The brewing market registered a 3% increase, with a volume of up to 16.6 million Hl; The beer consumption per capita was 85 liters; The segment of non-alcoholic beers, up by 30%; Glass packaging, up by 3.65 pp over the last four years; PET packaging, down by 5.83 pp over the last four years



Annually, the Brewers of Romania publishes a careful analysis of the evolution of the beer market and the role brewing sector has for the Romanian economy

The Art of Brewing

The story of brewing told by those who contribute daily to transforming natural ingredients in a drink so loved by Romanians

Beer and Economy

Designated driver

Enjoy beer when you spend a night out with friends but don’t drive home after. Ask a friend who did not drink to drive you home.