Bucharest, April 17th, 2018: The Brewers of Romania Association informs about the evolution of the brewing market last year:

  • The brewing market registered a 2% increase, with a volume of 16.11 million Hl
  • The beer consumption per capita was 82 l
  • The beer industry directly and indirectly generates more than 85,000 jobs nationwide 
  • Fiscal predictability and a stable economic context remain the main factors for the preservation of the balance on the brewing market

The brewing market has naturally evolved last year, registering a moderate increase of 2% in volume. We have a positive trend on the basis of which, even though we believe it is still fragile, we want to continue the upward evolution of the brewing market this year. The determining factor for keeping the positive trend of the market is to further ensure a stable economic context and a predictable regulatory framework. Beer is a very popular beverage in our country, so the Romanians must further enjoy it with their loved ones”, said Lucian Ghinea, President of the Brewers of Romania Association.

Beer production is a real driver of the economic growth of Romania by generating jobs nationwide, added value in all related activities and significant contributions to the state budget, as duties and fees. Due to its profoundly national character, defined by local production in a share of around 97% and 70% of the ingredients from the Romanian agriculture, the brewing sector has a significant influence on the employment level, generating, directly and indirectly, more than 85,000 jobs for the Romanians, country-wide, thus contributing to making a living for their families.

Beer’s role as an engine of the Romanian economy is confirmed also by the added value it generates in all related fields of activity which exceeds 860 million euro annually. This adds to significant direct and indirect contributions to the state and local budgets, in excess of 530 million euro/year. We believe a permanent dialogue is required between the authorities and the private sector, so as to identify those public policies that have a real capacity to generate growth for the local economy – by stimulating investments – implicitly by bringing welfare for all the Romanians – through proper salary regulations”, added Julia Leferman, General Director The Brewers of Romania Association.

Key data in 2017

  • Investments: the investment efforts of the members of the Association have been constant in time, the total level of the investments registering an upward trend also in 2017, compared to the previous year. Thus, the value of the investments in 2017 amounted to71.8 million euro, up by 2 million euro compared to the previous year. To date, the cumulated investments made by the Association members since they entered the market have amounted to 1.47 billion euro in total.
  • Consumers’ preferences according to packaging types]: the market structure based on packaging has remained almost unchanged compared to the previous year, with two small variations year on year. Only PET bottled beer has registered decreases for the second year in a row.
    • Bottle: 27.46% (-0.22 pp)
    • Can: 18.2% (+1.1 pp)
    • Keg: 3.38% (-0.27 pp)
    • PET: 50.94% (-0.62 pp)
  • Imports]: despite a very slight increase in imports throughout 2017, of only 0.03 million Hl, with a total of 0.47 million HL, the brewing market in Romania continues to keep its profoundly national character, the share of the local production remaining at more than 97% of the internal consumption.
  • Exports: with regard to exports, they registered a slight decrease, of 0.01 million Hl compared to the previous year, with a total of 0.41 million Hl.