I. Preamble

Beer, when responsibly consumed is compatible with a balanced and healthy lifestyle and is enjoyed in a responsible way by the vast majority of consumers. As responsible brewers we want to ensure that beer marketing is directed only at those above the legal purchasing age and is carried out with sufficient regard so as not to encourage excessive or irresponsible consumption. The provisions of these Rules on Commercial Communications for Beer are the basis for the assessment of actual activities pertaining to commercial communications. This allows the brewing industry to develop commercial communications for beer in a creative manner and in line with brand values such as:

  • drinking as a pleasurable personal or social experience;
  • drinking as a social activity, and responsible consumption as a source of enjoyment and relaxation;
  • responsible consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle for vast majority of consumers;
  • drinking should done with moderation;

To maintain consumer confidence, it is in the interest of the brewing industry to ensure that its commercial communications are properly regulated, so that they are seen to be legal, decent, honest, truthful and socially acceptable.

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Following the protocol signed between the “Brewers of Romania” Association and the Romanian Advertising Council, for all complaints received related to commercial communications that have not complied with provisions of the code, an Ethics Committee will consider complaints and RAC will take a decision in 3 – 5 days.

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Starting 1st of July 2009, the “Brewers of Romania” Association, based on information provided by the Romanian Advertising Council, will prepare two half-yearly reports (in December and June) which will focus on complaints filed. The two reports will be published within 15 days from the end of each semester.

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