The contribution of the BR's members to the Romanian economy

Total number of employees: 5.973

Total taxes paid to the Romanian state budget: 3.88 billion Euros, in the past 16 years

Total investments in Romania: over 1.62 billion Euros, in the past 16 years

Association of the Hops Producers of Romania

The Romanian hops is used by the local beer producers.

Hops crops are a real tradition for Romanian agriculture.

The Hops Producers Association of Romania was founded in 2004, after the privatization of state agricultural companies and it currently consists in four private companies in Mureş, Alba and Sibiu counties. The current cultivated area is of 240 ha, with the opportunity to develop up to 650 ha as there is a support system of 410 ha, property of the hop growing companies. The Association is member of IHGC since 2009. The Association has the latest hop pelletizing section type 90, with a capacity of 500kg/hour, put into operation in 2007.

With this installation, the hop is processed and packed so that it keeps its specific natural flavors and acids (α, β, γ) without any intervention. The Association also owns a cold storage that ensures the product’s depositary until it is delivered. All these circumstances
created by SAPARD ensure product’s competitiveness in this segment and the Associations’ customers are Bere Mures, Suceava Beer, Beer Azuga, Albrau Beer, and large companies as Sebes, URBB, Ursus and HEINEKEN România (starting with 2011). The Hops Producers Association of Romania produces 20000 kg Alfa in macroclimatic normal conditions which represents about 15% of the annual Romanian consumption and encourages the usage of the Romanian hop as a raw material for beer, which has the same quality as the imported one.


Respect for this complx drink.

Us, a group of six friends (later partners in “Clinica de Bere”), used to get together and drink quality beer. Since at that time Timisoara did not offer us the beer types we wanted, we used to import them straight from our preferred microbrewers in Germany. In time, this joy of drinking quality beer together turned into the desire to make our own, highest quality beer. By that we mean fresh, natura and unpasteurized. Our pleasure of drinking quality beer was completed by the will to safeguard old traditions and local values and, why not, to create new ones.

Our wish came true in 2011, when we created the first microbrewery in Timisoara, which we called “Clinica de Bere” (the Beer Clinic).

We chose this name for two reasons: firstly because it’s funny, and secondly because it shows our respect for this complex drink. A drink full of significant nutrients, with a proven positive effect on our health, when consumed in moderate amounts. At the same time however, a drink associated with major health risks when consumed excessively, due to its alcohol contents.

At “Clinica de Bere” we aim to treat our clients with maximum dedication and responsibility. We are driven by our desire to offer our “patients” an extra ounce of joy, savor and balance in their lives, by informing them with regards to the benefits of a moderate beer consumption, yet at the same time warning them about the negative effects related to excessive alcohol consumption.

“Clinica de Bere” currently produces four types of beer, both unfiltered and unpasteurized: Terapia Platin, a wheat beer, Terapia Gold, a golden ale, Terapia Rubin, an Amber Ale type unfiltered special beer and Terapia Citrin, an India Pale Ale type unfiltered special beer.

We wish that our products will offer consumers and beer lovers the savor, freshness, and quality which some have longforgotten, while others often dreamed about.

Bergenbier S.A.

Part of Molson Coors, one of the world’s leading brewers, Bergenbier S.A. company was founded in 1994, and its most prominent brand, Bergenbier, was launched one year later.

Today, Bergenbier S.A. is among the top 3 beer producers in Romania, has approximately 700 employees, a modern production plant in Ploiesti and a national distribution network.

The company’s portfolio includes brands that cover all market segments. Besides its own brands, produced at the Bergenbier factory, the company imports and distributes exclusively the Prague specialty beers Staropramen Dark, Granat and Unfiltered, the belgian abbey beers Leffe and Hoegaarden as well as the world’s most loved mexican beer: Corona.

Bergenbier was the first mainstream beer to be distributed nationwide and the first in its segment that launched a non-alcoholic version. Close to its consumers that are treated as friends, Bergenbier offered them along the years, extraordinary events and experiences and always knew how to talk about the true values of friendship. Cold filtered, cold matured and and with natural CO2, Bergenbier has a strong mission to Refresh Romania. In 2018, Bergenbier will refresh by planting 50 000 fir-trees, which is the biggest planting action ever supported by a beer brand.

Among the brands produced by the Bergenbier factory there are 3 international strong brands. Stella Artois is a super-premium beer produced in Romania since 1997, following an ancient Belgian recipe. In 2003, Romania was the first country in Europe, after the origin country, that was allowed to produce locally the world’s bestselling German beer – Beck’s. The license obtained by the Bergenbier brewers demonstrates their fine brewing skills. Staropramen, Prague’s number 1 beer, was launched in Romania in 2011, positioned in the core-premium segment. Noroc is a popular beer with rich, full taste, that goes great with any dinner with friends or family.

Heineken Romania

Inspired by Romanians, we will continue to develop the local beer industry encompassing innovation in everything we do.

From a single brewery opened in Amsterdam, 150 years ago, we have evolved into a successful global company. We are proud to continue our family tradition and be a global and independent beer producer with a long history. Today we are the global brewer with the most substantial geographical presence, balanced between developed and emerging countries. We are proud to say that we currently have operations in over 70 countries and that the Heineken® beer is enjoyed in 178 countries around the world, with operations in over 70 corners of the world. We are an international, dynamic and diverse team with over 85,000 employees, and we continue to drive the Heineken family’s passion for quality beer.

With four production units in Romania – in Constanta, Craiova, Targu Mures and Miercurea Ciuc – we produce beer using more than 70% of the ingredients coming from local suppliers. We employ 1.100 people across the country and they help us brew or sell over 20 beer brands, offering a variety of beer types and tastes for the Romanian consumers.

Inspired by Romanians, we will continue to develop the local beer industry encompassing innovation in everything we do. We have made local commitments to reduce the footprint of our work on the environment, to promote responsible consumption and to reduce alcohol abuse, and in 2019 we will continue to encourage sustainable development.

We invite you to discover more about HEINEKEN Romania on


We feel that we need to share at least some of the Belgian brewing heritage.

We transform the art of brewing simple and natural ingredients in the art of giving people the opportunity of sharing a happy moment together.

Our brewery is situated in Galati and was founded in 1978. From the beginning, in brewing our beer we put the consumer in the first place. For two decades the brewery operated as an independent Romanian company acquiring a strong regional presence.

In 1998 Martens Brouwerij became our brewery’s majority shareholder. Since then, our brewery was incorporated as Martens SA.

The history of Martens Brouwerij begins in 1758 in Bocholt, Belgium. Over 250 years have passed since then and the tradition was passed along eight generations. Throughout all this time their values remained unchanged: they transformed the art of brewing simple and natural
ingredients in the art of giving people the opportunity of sharing a happy moment together.

We had the joy to find in our Belgian partners the same dedication for improving the art of brewing beer, the same commitment to bring a drop of joy on every consumer’s table. Together and with considerable efforts we believe that we managed to bring to Romania at least a part of the Belgian brewing tradition.
Today we stand by our consumers and together with our partners in the retail we developed competitive and fair priced beers.
In the same time, we feel that we need to share at least some of the Belgian brewing heritage.

Soufflet Malt Romania

The plant from Buzau is located at the heart of the best cereal production land in Romania.

The synergy between Soufflet Malt with Soufflet Agriculture gives us total control over the process, from the selection of seeds varieties and upstream agronomic accompaniment for farmers, to selecting brewing barley with the best quality parameters.

Located on the best barley-growing land in Europe and the CIS, Soufflet Malt Romania has started its activity in 1997, followed in 2009 by the establishment of Soufflet Agriculture. Malteries Soufflet has set itself the goal of perfectly matching the needs of its customer’s brewers, and continuously supplying them with products made out of quality raw materials.

Our team of agronomists from Soufflet Agro Romania has a wide expertise at all stages, from the selection of seed varieties and technical tests upstream of production to developing and marketing environmentally- friendly products. They advise the farmers to obtain a good quality of barley with the best return on investments for the „barley to malt” chain. During the growing of barley and after the harvest, our agronomists ensure food safety of our products by implementing a comprehensive quality monitoring and traceability programme for raw materials.

The plant from Buzău, located at the heart of the best cereal production land in Romania, is equipped with the latest technology for storing and cleaning the barley, for processing it into malt, for monitoring production and delivering the malt to the Romanian brewers. The annual production reaches 106 000 tons of Pilsen malt. The new malting plant is built with the state-of-the art equipment’s to obtain the best quality and safe products required by our customers. Also, the respect for occupational health and safety on the site, for the protection of the environment were included in the specifications of the construction. Thus we continuously strive to improve quality throughout our “barley to malt” chain.

United Romanian Breweries Bereprod

Among the most recent innovations introduced by URBB on the Romanian beer market are included: the launch of SKOL Unpasteurized , the 660 ml Carlsberg bottle with a screwed cap, the innovative aluminiun foil – a 100% recyclable solution, applied to the entire beer can portfolio produced by URBB in Romania and the innovative DraughtMaster system for serving beer on tap, ideal for the HoReCa sector, which offers consumers the fresh taste of beer, straight from the brewery.

For over 20 years, URBB offers consumers high-quality products and sets the tone in the marketplace through innovations and new product launches.

Widely known among the general public as Tuborg Romania, United Romanian Breweries Bereprod (URBB) has been active on the market since 1994. In 2019, the company celebrates 22 years since the first local batch of Tuborg beer was produced.

Over two decades of activity in Romania have marked numerous innovations brought by URBB on the beer market, including: Tuborg – the first beer produced in Romania in can version; Tuborg Christmas Brew – the first beer specially created for the Winter Holidays; the 100% recyclable aluminum foil applied to the entire beer can portofolio produced in Romania; DraughtMaster – an innovative draught beer dispenser that keeps the beer fresh up to 31 days.

The factory located near Bucharest is one of the most modern in Romania and represents the first Greenfield project implemented by an East European Company. For the execution of this program, local human resources and materials where exclusively involved, having a positive impact in supporting the Romanian economy. During its entire activity, URBB has contributed to the economy through investments worth over 210 million euro.

Tuborg, Tuborg Christmas Brew, Carlsberg, Holsten, SKOL, Guinness, Kilkenny, Weihenstephaner, Grimbergen, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Angelo Poretti are the premium and super premium brands dedicated to URBB’s consumers.

URBB constantly improves the development and implementation processes of the quality management system and uses innovative solutions in line with food safety requirements, proven by IFS and ISO certifications.

Ursus Breweries

1 in 3 beers consumed in Romania belongs to us and this says a lot about the quality and appreciation enjoyed by our beers.

Ursus Breweries is the largest brewer in Romania and since March 2017 it is part of Asahi Breweries Europe Group. It operates 3 breweries in Brasov, Buzau and Timisoara and a mini-brewery in Cluj-Napoca.

Ursus Breweries has a balanced portfolio, consisting of authentic Romanian beers, with a long and rich Romanian heritage: URSUS, born in 1878, Timișoreana, brewed in the first historically documented brewery in Romania back in 1718, Ciucaș, whose story started in 1892, Azuga, which dates back to 1870 and Stejar. The portfolio includes also prestigious international brands like: Asahi Super Dry, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Grolsch, Meantime, Pilsner Urquell, St. Stefanus and the cider brand Kingswood.

We believe our beer adds to the enjoyment of life and we inspire people to spend time together around one of our great beers. Our aim is to build a vibrant beer culture in Romania, therefore we innovate constantly so as to improve our products and offer our consumers the best experience.

Our approach on sustainable development is a core element for the business strategy. Through the value chain, we aim to generate a favorable development for inclusion, sustainable use of resources and a responsible approach to alcohol consumption.

These efforts are reflected in our last Sustainable Development Report validated by the Global Reporting Initiative, according to the latest GRI standards. Ursus Breweries is actually among the first 20 companies in the world which adopted the most advanced sustainability reporting standards.

For more information about Ursus Breweries please visit www. ursus- and