The contribution of the BR's members to the Romanian economy

Total number of employees: 3,600

Total taxes paid to the Romanian state budget: over 3 billion Euros, paid to date

Total investments in Romania: over 1.4 billion Euros, paid to date

Association of the Hops Producers of Romania

We are much honored to be members of the Brewers of Romania Association. Our collaboration is enjoyable and very productive. “The hop gives the beer’s nature. Its features: bitterness, flavor, frothing and preservation are the main
ingredients which Brewers of Romania provide consumers the tastiest of the drinks: ”. The hop is the main natural ingredient of beer. It has to be found not only in beer but in the consumer’s mind also.
Let show them the herb and the fruit. Let them smell the aromas. Test the strong bitter taste. Offer the consumers a beer in which they can see the color, the foam and discover the bitterness and its specific flavor. Teach them how to love beer. In this way, the consumers will trust in the beers naturalness and they will look for the beer’s seen and
tested features.


Berarium SRL is a microbrewery from Timisoara which exclusively produces premium unfiltered and unpasteurized beer. Berarium SRL became known locally through the following brands: “Clinica de bere”, “Terapia Gold” (unfiltered blonde ale) and “Terapia Platin” (unfiltered wheat beer). Through our association with Brewers of Romania we wish to draw the attention of the beer industry and the state authorities towards our existence as microbrewers. At the same time, we try to encourage the development of this branch of the Romanian beer industry. We wish to thank the Brewers of Romania Association for accepting us as a member, and, most of all, we appreciate the fact that they understood the specific needs of the microbrewers, and has successfully presented these needs to the state authorities, in order to establish
a favourable climate for the development of this market segment.

Bergenbier S.A.

Part of Molson Coors, one of the world’s leading brewers, Bergenbier S.A. company was founded in 1994, and its most prominent brand, Bergenbier, was launched one year later.

Today, Bergenbier S.A. is among the top 3 beer producers in Romania, has approximately 700 employees, a modern production plant in Ploiesti and a national distribution network.

The company’s portfolio includes brands that cover all market segments. Besides its own brands, produced at the Bergenbier factory, the company imports and distributes exclusively the Prague specialty beers Staropramen Dark, Granat and Unfiltered, the belgian abbey beers Leffe and Hoegaarden as well as the world’s most loved mexican beer: Corona.

Bergenbier was the first mainstream beer to be distributed nationwide and the first in its segment that launched a non-alcoholic version. Close to its consumers that are treated as friends, Bergenbier offered them along the years, extraordinary events and experiences and always knew how to talk about the true values of friendship. Cold filtered, cold matured and and with natural CO2, Bergenbier has a strong mission to Refresh Romania. In 2018, Bergenbier will refresh by planting 50 000 fir-trees, which is the biggest planting action ever supported by a beer brand.

Among the brands produced by the Bergenbier factory there are 3 international strong brands. Stella Artois is a super-premium beer produced in Romania since 1997, following an ancient Belgian recipe. In 2003, Romania was the first country in Europe, after the origin country, that was allowed to produce locally the world’s bestselling German beer – Beck’s. The license obtained by the Bergenbier brewers demonstrates their fine brewing skills. Staropramen, Prague’s number 1 beer, was launched in Romania in 2011, positioned in the core-premium segment. Noroc is a popular beer with rich, full taste, that goes great with any dinner with friends or family.

Heineken Romania

HEINEKEN Story – since 1864, we have been creating unique brands for beer consumers all over the world

We have started with a business family in the Netherlands and, in over 150 years, have written our story as a global, independent beer producer. We have turned HEINEKEN into the world brewer with the most extensive geographical presence, balanced between developed and emerging countries.
We are proud to have more than 80.000 employees all over the world, run operations in over 70 countries and particularly because the Heineken® brand is present in more than 190 countries across the globe.

In Romania for the past 20 years

It’s been 20 years since HEINEKEN started its activity in Romania and we have got to the point where we generate over € 250 Million budget revenues from the production and selling of beer.

With four production units in Romania – in Constanța, Craiova, Târgu Mureș and Miercurea Ciuc – HEINEKEN produces beer using more than 70% of the feed material from local suppliers. We employ 1.100 people across the country who help us brew or commercialize over 20 beer brands, offering a variety of beer types and tastes for Romanian consumers.

Inspired by Romanians, we will continue developing beer industry on the local market, including innovation in everything we do. We have taken local commitments to reduce our global footprint on environment, promote responsible consumption and mitigate alcohol abuse and we will also continue, in 2018, to encourage sustainable development.

Furthermore, this year we will again contribute, through our products, to building the most enjoyable experiences people can share.

We are HEINEKEN and the journey continues. We invite you to stay connected to our experience on

Soufflet Malt Romania

Soufflet Malt Romania is the largest malt producer of Romania. Malting barley is used to produce malt, and malt is the main ingredient for beer. This puts Soufflet Malt Romania in the heart of the chain barley – malt – beer. Involved in the assembly of Romanian brewers, Soufflet group participates to promote the beer industry in Romania, and to favour the production of good malting barley varieties in Romania for the wellness of the supply chain. So that beer continues to be produced in a natural way with national ingredients. We participate to defend beer production in Romania, and we are sure that the Brewers of Romania Association is a fair partner in a sustainable development of this noble product which is malting barley

United Romanian Breweries Bereprod

Since the establishment of the Brewers of Romania Association, URBB was one of the member companies. URBB supports diversity and consumers’ curiosity by offering a highly diverse portfolio of products. The savor of a quality beer takes many forms at URBB, combining tradition and uniqueness to offer Romanians a perfect experience. Moreover,
together with the Brewers of Romania Association, we promote and further develop a local culture of beer, sparkling and colorful, yet responsible. The Romanian consumer of 2014 is educated in this culture of beer, cosmopolitan, attentive to the last detail and to the environment, because he knows exactly what he wants. And we, as Brewers of Romania, know
exactly what to offer him.

Ursus Breweries

Ursus Breweries is the largest brewers in Romania and operates 3 breweries in Brasov, Buzau and Timisoara and a mini-brewery in Cluj-Napoca.

Ursus Breweries has a balanced beer brands portfolio, consisting of authentic Romanian beers, with a long and rich Romanian heritage: URSUS – born in 1878; Timisoreana – brewed in the first historically documented brewery in Romania back in 1718; Ciucas – whose story started in 1892; Azuga – which dates back to 1870 and Stejar. The portfolio includes also prestigious international brands like: Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Grolsch, Redd’s, Efes, Pilsner Urquell and St. Stefanus and also a premium cider brand – Kingswood.

The fact that 1 in 3 beers consumed in Romania belongs to the Ursus Breweries portfolio says a lot about the quality and the appreciation enjoyed by our beers.

Innovation is a permanent ally, and through the value chain, which starts from the farmers, and goes on to the retailers, Ursus Breweries seeks to generate a favorable development of inclusion, a sustainable use of resources and a responsible approach to beer consumption.

We are honored to be one of the founding members of the Brewers Association and we will continue to be partners on the pathway of a sustainable development of the brewing industry, which brings an essential contribution to Romanian economy.