We all enjoy going out for a beer together. Our favourite drink obviously marks many of the important events in our lives. Drinking is linked to socialising. A glass helps us unwind, break the ice and meet new people. As long as we are aware of where to stop, beer helps us socialise and feel good.

What matters for us to behave in a socially acceptable manner is to drink with responsibility.
The pressure of friends who abuse alcohol must never influence the individual decision of any other member of the group. Each one is free to drink according to personal behaviour standards and his or her body’s particulars.

Alcohol abuse may have a major social impact and tends to become a social problem. Besides the annual number of deaths directly or indirectly caused by alcohol abuse, excessive drinking is one of the main factors leading to alcohol addiction or disease such as pancreatitis, chronic gastritis or ulcer. It also accounts for behavioural deviance that may end in acts of violence, road or occupational accidents, serious family problems and absenteeism from the workplace.